It's All Fun And Games When A Marketer Spends A Day At The Beach!

Life as a marketer is not something I complain about; after all, I do love my job and enjoy working with my colleagues. What gets me, however, is being cooped up indoors and staring at a screen for hours and hours on end. I miss spending time outdoors and just getting some fresh air in my lungs and sunshine on my skin. With weeks of yearning to take some time off from the computer, I finally decided to plan out a nice day at the beach.

Though it was a rather short notice, I managed to find a few good buds of mine who were free that weekend and were not just into the idea of a picnic at the beach, but really making the most of it. I did all the planning since it was my idea in the first place, and here's how our awesome day was played out.

I met the guys at the beach nice and early, found us a good spot and said “let the games begin!” We saw a friendly game of volleyball going on and asked if we could join in. They were a jolly bunch and happily obliged. We introduced ourselves, divided the groups to make two teams of 5 and began a friendly, yet competitive, game of volleyball with a lot of laughs, great plays and tons of socializing!

After the game, we thanked our new friends (yes, we exchanged numbers too) and headed back to our spot to cool off and grab a bite. Catching up with my buds is fun enough, but I wanted this day to involve a little more adventure and loads of good memories. So after eating a couple of hot dogs, one of my buds and I took a stroll toward the water sports booking area. We read a couple of the activities available, but one thing stood out the most to me – kayaking. The sign mentioned having the best inflatable kayak available, which was even more exciting! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and that day couldn’t have been a more perfect day to try.

We booked three kayaks, mine being an advanced elements inflatable kayak, put on our life jackets and set out on clear blue waters. Once we got further away from the shore and the crowds, the water was incredibly calm and you could see different species of fish swimming around from time to time. Overall, it was a great experience for all of us and my day at the beach was a much needed break from my work life.